I Have Extremely Realistic Views. I Realistically View Myself As Extremely Breath-Taking!

by SJP

Getting ready to leave town this week for my big trip and I am extremely excited.  First stop is Boston, which I fell in love with last month on a weekend getaway with my Colombian.

I feel a strong pull towards Boston probably because the city is absolutely stunning much like myself so it’s no surprise with all we have in common I am eager to go back.  The city’s neon architecture while comparable, though not as bright as my blue eyes, lights up the nights boasting a picturesque skyline for everyone to admire.  Around every corner holds a frame-worthy shot begging to hang in a gallery installation which I can totally relate to; I bet even long time residents find it hard not to snap photos in utter appreciation.

Because of it’s allure, people gravitate towards the town like boys do to me and strive to be a part of all the city’s unique vibe has to offer.  There is a sense of pride, similar to that of my boyfriends, given off by locals of Boston and its pretty obvious they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Beauty like that is powerful; I would know!  I’m going with a girlfriend so maybe I should warn her not to get swept up in the moment like that night we got too drunk in Savannah.  It’s been proven that she and her sexuality can be easily swayed by the visually appealing; I’d hate to have to talk her out of relocating to my room from the buzz of it all…

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