I Already Thought I Had The Best Boyfriend In The World. Jewelry Is Just The Cherry On Top.

by SJP

Don’t you just love Christmas?  It’s a remarkable time of year to be cherished and there’s truly nothing more special than spending time with loved ones and family with a big fat rock on your hand.  I have been so blessed to be in DC with a beautiful family and the kind of ring that dominates an entire party’s line of vision.  It just warms my heart
to see babies in party dresses, mother’s laughing with daughters, and of course, a ring the size of a quarter that matches my flute of Champagne….you know what I mean?

No?  Your present doesn’t sparkle in the light?  Gee, that’s too bad.  What did you get?  A what?

A gift card to Victoria’s secret?

Oh Gawd, that is horrible!  I understand not all girls will get to enjoy the luxury of expensive jewelry this Holiday season, but mass produced lingerie? Wow, in that case I’m sorry your boyfriend works part-time at Best buy.  I’m also fully aware that not every body cares about materialistic things, but as for me with a refined taste and a boyfriend who wants to get laid; I got a David Yurman!

Oh it’s just sensational!  I’ve never seen anything so bright on my hand!  I’ve never had a boyfriend so amazing! So loving! So, PERFECT! But I’m not really one to brag, so I really don’t want you to feel jealous your boyfriend didn’t love you enough to get you a magnificent symbol of his commitment. You got that?  It’s just a David Yurman.  It’s just a thing; a thing with a 15 millimeter Lemon Citrine stone surrounded by Pave’ diamonds that doesn’t even do anything except glisten as it catches light refractions off it’s perfectly cut edges. And between you and I, it doesn’t go very well with a candy apple red manicure; so you see?  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

And you know what else?  You never know, maybe in 2012 your boyfriend will get promoted to electronics manager and then you’ll get one too.  But don’t let it consume you; that’s tacky.

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