It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Doesn’t Get To Move To South America

by SJP

Yesterday I planned to write a cute April Fool’s day post about how my Colombian Boyfriend and I were moving to South America next month.  It was going to be a real roller coaster, this post.  So I started writing it by denouncing dating for dinner and claimed that I didn’t care if I ever saw another restaurant menu again!  I continued by describing my excitement for moving to a foreign country but also my fears as who knows if Kate Spade has a retailer in South America?  It was all very sweet; oozing with mushy love notes, romanticism, and Rosetta Stone and I was just about to publish it–

Until my Former Colombian Boyfriend and I pretty much broke up.  Then I guess joking about how in love we are didn’t really sound so funny anymore because, well, apparently we aren’t!

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