You’re Really Annoying But I Can Deal With It If You Take Me Out On Your Boat

by SJP

It’s like, sometimes I’m in the mood to go out with a guy that has a good personality or strong family morals and then other times I’m in the mood for a guy with a boat.  This of course is only when I’m down here on the Gulf Coast of Florida for 15 days and want to plan dates to match the theme of my vacation.  Which is why I have only gone on dates here that stay within the “Florida” concept.  Last weekend it was seafood.  I went out for seafood everyday, spectated fishing on the casueway, and made small talk while staring at a clown fish aquarium.  This week I decided it’s the ocean; I’ve had lunch over the water, taken naps near the water, and walked along the water, so it’s only natural to have a guy take me out on the water too.





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